About us

About us

Modelcom offers consulting services specialized in Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A).

Our expertise covers the following areas:
– Financial Modeling
– Costum Financial Applications
– Budgeting systems and Analytical tools integration
– FP&A Expertise

In order to achieve that, we use information systems and tools, which provide our clients with the necessary confidence and persuasion with regards to their figures.

We provide our clients with the means to be more credible and persuasive in their organization. That is why our clients trust us. Moreover, we have established unique value added partnerships which enable us to better serve you.

Reasons to Choose Us

More accessible

Modelcom is recognized for being more accessible (cost and flexibility) than most of the larger financial firms. We have a few decades of experience under our belt, most of which is in Corporate finance.

We understand the daily work of CFOs

Our Knowledge team has extensive experience working for large companies. We understand the daily work of CFOs and of other managers within these organizations. We have lived it, we have done it, and we have managed to balance our numbers despite many obstacles !

Shorter response time

Our clients appreciate us because we provide a shorter response time than most of the larger technological or financial firms.

We reduce project risks

We adequately reduce project risks by starting our mandates with pathfinder projects rather than more constraining project charters.

We can quickly evaluate if we can support with the execution of your projects with precision, reliability and within a reasonable budget.

We use state-of-the-art tools

Experienced managers use state-of-the-art tools to do their budget planning, dashboards and analytical applications.

We also know that visionary leaders look for innovative solutions and tools to develop their businesses.

We know these tools !

We can make you grow

Are you already committed to finding solutions to your present problems, but lack the expertise allowing you to grow?

Whatever the case may be, take this first step and contact us today to find solutions to your Corporate finance projects.