We advise our clients towards the best practices in order to help them improve their financial and operational performance.

We value your information and strive at improving it and rendering it more time and cost-efficient.

Key Differentiator

Our team of advisors possesses a wealth of experience in finance.

They understand your problems and are thus able to build budgets, develop business plans, dashboards and analytical applications which will build your credibility and effectiveness.

Business Plan

Be convincing and persuasive!

Modelcom has produced more than 60 business plans, including quantitative models, narrative documents and presentations. We will help you establish your demand, revenue, cost and valuation assumptions and demonstrate how these assumptions are credible. Identify different scenarios, conduct a sensitivity analysis on your assumptions and measure your risk. Carry out a convincing business plan and get the message across to your investors and shareholders.


Speed up the process . while reducing the costs!

Reduce the time and effort required to manage your budgets. Develop a closer and more structured collaboration with your managers. Provide timely feedback presenting results and plan/actual variances. Give your managers the necessary tools to help them reach their objectives. Give them the means to measure their own performance.


Increase your visibility, simply and efficiently!

Your dashboards help you to increase the visibility of your company’s performance. Modelcom will guide you in selecting the right performance indicators, directly in line with your business model, and will help you present these indicators efficiently. We use communication and visualization techniques which rely on the ability to understand and treat  information. Bring forth and enhance all the information you hold in your possession.

Advanced Analytics

Maximize your performance!

We provide you with advanced analytical tools to better understand your present position and thus predict the outcome and optimize the decisions you must make. We are experts in statistics and other mathematical methods needed to perform your calculations. We use specialized tools which exceed any spreadsheet capability and we can use your data, whether minimal or extensive, to draw conclusions which are invisible to the untrained eye.


Learn new techniques!

Certain people want fish and others wish to learn how to fish. We can help you acquire the knowledge, skills and necessary competencies to use your own models. Through private training or with the help of our partners, learn how to use our advanced modeling techniques as well as our new advanced visualization techniques. Improve your know-how and your abilities in elaborating your models.


Adequate resources immediately at your disposal!

It might be difficult to find and to keep resources that are specialized in modeling. We offer you the possibility of obtaining immediate resources and integrating them into your team. You do not have room or do not wish to manage specialized resources? We can also do the work from our offices and provide you with the answers you need. Besides offering advisory services, we have the resources and tools you need!

Other Value Added Services

Services that go beyond modeling!

To avoid running left and right to complete our mandates, we offer a wide range of value added services which are rendered by our partners. Here are a few examples of complementary services we offer: project management, corporate valuations, operational efficiency, change management, impact measures, organizational development, human capital management and recruiting.