About us

About us

Modelcom offers consulting services and helps its clients conceive, develop and benefit from some of the fastest and most economical financial systems currently available:

  • Business Plans
  • Budgets
  • Dashboard
  • Advanced Analytics

In order to achieve that, we use advanced modeling and information visualization tools which provide our clients with the necessary confidence and persuasion with regards to their figures. Modelcom sets itself apart from the competition through its ability to combine three types of models:

  • Business models
  • Mathematical models
  • Data models

We provide our clients with the means to be more credible and persuasive in their organization. That is why our clients trust us. Moreover, we have established unique value added partnerships which enable us to better serve you.

Luc Vincent, MBA, CPA, CA
Associé directeur général et fondateur

Luc est l’associé fondateur de Modelcom. Homme d’affaires et entrepreneur, il met à contribution ses multiples expériences et succès en démarrage et restructuration d’entreprises, au profit des clients de Modelcom – petits et grands. Que ce soit comme conseiller, membre de conseils d’administration, membre de comités de direction ou gestionnaire de clients, Luc est reconnu pour être un homme de résultats. Luc a fondé Modelcom (1995) et GIM gestion de risques (2003, vendue en 2006), en plus d’être co-fondateur de Kerosene (2006) . Titulaire d’une maîtrise en administration des affaires, Luc est également membre de l’Ordre des Comptables Professionnels Agréés du Québec (CPA) et d’Anges Québec.

Luca Guévremont, M,Sc, CFA
Partner responsible for budgeting

Luca is a Modelcom partner responsible for budgeting. He first joined Modelcom in 1999 as member of the business modeling team and has returned since 2011. Luca has 15 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions and financial projects, and has held various positions related to financial management for a Fortune 500 company. Luca has also been involved in several national and international large-scale projects, with Modelcom or within the private sector.

Reasons to Choose Us

More accessible

Modelcom is recognized for being more humanely and financially accessible than most of the larger financial firms. We have a few decades of experience under our belt, most of which is in corporate finance.

We understand the daily work of CFOs

As such, we understand the daily work of CFOs and of other managers within these organizations. We have lived it, we have done it, and we have managed to balance our books despite many obstacles.

Shorter response time

Our clients appreciate us because we provide a shorter response time than most of the larger technological or financial firms.

We reduce project risks

We adequately reduce project risks by starting our mandates with pathfinder projects rather than more constraining project charters. If your idea is sound, we will outline and implement it; if it cannot be executed at a reasonable cost, we will advise you.

We use state-of-the-art tools

We know that experienced vice-presidents use state-of-the-art tools to do their budget planning, dashboards and analytical applications.

We also know that visionary leaders look for innovative solutions and tools to develop their businesses.

We can make you grow

Are you already committed to finding solutions to your present problems, but lack the expertise allowing you to grow?

Whatever the case may be, take this first step and contact us today to find solutions to your financial modeling projects.